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Building Sales Teams for your Startup

Sales Made Easy

We Help Founders Like You Make Sales Easy

Building or Fixing Your Sales Department is What We Do



What We Can Do For You

Structuring Sales Functions

Lack of repeatable business and slow time to ramp means more fundraising. We set the structure of a Series E at your seed stage. Data feedback, new product introductions and testing is pre-built into our structuring. Get future-proof from Day 1

Build High Performance Teams

Remove the risk of poor hires, slow growth and culture killers. We hire the team that we know will get you off the ground using our offline community and hiring scoring index.

From leadership to SDR's, make them count

Combat Churn with Superior Service

Sales make the headlines, retention makes the revenue. We create customer service operations customised for your product. Creating procedures, processes and people teams so you save money and customers.


Business Biopsy

It is not easy to steer the ship when you are constantly in the engine room. We can give you an objective review of a function and can restructure your efforts for more return on your investments. Whether in sales or any other function, our commercial expertise brings hard-line clarity to any department that needs it.



We are a team driven not by lofty business school lingo, but by a pragmatic understanding of what works and is successful in the startup world. We're the ones who roll up our sleeves and get to work building and implementing our tried and tested playbooks. 

With years of experience from the top startups in the world, we know what the best looks like. From ideation to execution, we're driven through data and real-world results, turning ideas into revenue.

Career Highlights Include:

- Scaled a subscription business from 0 to £31.5m ARR within 2 years

- Grew national sales of ancillary products for a car retailer by 900% within 6 months

- Improved the conversion rate of a young sales team from 18% to 25% within 3 months

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Career Experience From the Best

logo of a company that an employee has worked for
logo of a company that an employee has worked for
logo of a company that an employee has worked for
logo of a company that an employee has worked for

Why Us?

At Flex, we're experts at helping founders succeed. We ask the right questions and execute thoughtfully crafted launch plans, making sure every move counts toward your growth.


No BS. Ultra-Competitive. Weird Hobbies. Famous Name.

Tom's military background has influenced his business approach, characterised by direct communication, quick decision-making, and commanding leadership.

He is passionate about mentoring new salespeople and takes pride in seeing his direct reports grow their careers.


In his free time, Tom enjoys creating hand-rolled pasta, playing the bagpipes, painting model military ships, or playing rugby for Hammersmith and Fulham.



Let’s Discuss Your Growth Strategy

Reach out to us to explore how Flex Consulting can accelerate your startup's growth and success. We are eager to collaborate with you on your journey to success.

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